Car Mobility Aids

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As our lower limb muscles gradually get weaker with age, difficulty standing is a common problem. The lower the seat, the harder the task, and one of the lowest seats many people face on a daily basis is their car seat.

Car Seat Mobility Aid

Unlike most chairs at home, there are no arms to push off so we are unable to assist with our upper limbs. The combination of no arms and low seat height makes standing so difficult many people prefer to stay at home rather than risk being unable to get out of their car.

There are a number of simple aids designed to make this task much easier by capitalizing on upper body strength. A car frame is a strong structure and able to provide plenty of support with some simple tools.

Handy Bar

First is the HandyBar. This simple device consists of a stainless steel handle covered with a non-slip hand grip. It fits into the “U” shaped car door latch present on just about every vehicle. It is fitted and removed in seconds and provides a fixed point to allow the arm to push off.

Car Caddie

Secondly, there is a product that provides a different type of support. While the HandyBar allows you to push your way into a stand, the CarCaddie assists by allowing you to pull.

It consists of a simple click buckle strap that attaches to the upper door frame through the window space when the door is open. This provides another basic handle to help you utilize your arm strength.

When used in conjunction with the HandyBar, it makes sure that both arms can be used to assist in standing from a car.

The HandyBar and CarCaddie are perfect examples of inexpensive additions that can make a big difference to the daily lives of the elderly.

Regain your Confidence

Confidence, once lost, is hard to gain back. It is not uncommon for people to become housebound rather than risk the embarrassment of being stuck in their car.

I find that to be an extremely unfortunate situation and one so easily addressed.