2 Pack Reacher Grabber,32″ Foldable Pickup Tool, Extender Gripper Tool, Long Handy Arm Assist Tool, Flexible Lightweight Mobility Aid Reaching Claw Trash Garbage Picker,Blue


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2 Pack Litter Picker,32" Foldable Extender Pick up Tool Long Handy Arm Assist Tool,Flexible Lightweight Mobility Aid Reaching Claw Trash Garbage Picker,Blue

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  • Upgraded Strength Gripper - Made of high strength ABS&TPR material, Textured rubberized ends easy to grab 3-4 pounds of objects that don't fall off, it can be used to hold a red wine glass without leaving a clip. Grip can rotate a full 360 degrees in 90 increments to be used both vertically and horizontally for easy to reach places like behind bed and desk.
  • Extends your reach nearly 3 feet, 83cm (32.7 inch) long littler gripper makes it perfect for grabbing objects in hard-to-reach places like on the floor, behind furniture, under beds or on high shelves. forget about bending over, stretching or squatting to get what you need. you can now pick up the litter from your yard without it resulting in a backache.
  • 2 Pack Set and Foldable Design - This is suitable for placing in multiple areas, rooms, or vehicles. Safely pick up things you don't want to handle or can't reach easily. Use it indoors or outdoors, at work or at home.
  • Contoured Handle and Trigger - Padded, anti-slip handle and contoured trigger matches the natural shape of your hand for comfortable, pain-free use. Especially important if using for extended periods of time.
  • The extension grabber is perfect for those that face mobility difficulties. the reach extender is ideal for the elderly that do not have the strength to get up or bend over, and for people with disabilities, for people with disabilities,to use a wheelchair,the elderly and disabled persons work life good helper.

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