Reaching Aids

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For many people, their reacher is the most important aid they have.

We all slow down as we get older, and our ability to get down to ground level decreases. When this occurs, dropping something suddenly becomes a bigger issue than it used to be in the past.


Reachers are frequently used in the recovery stage following hip or knee replacement surgery, by people with lower back pain or by anyone struggling with their mobility.

Reaching Aids Ireland

Reaching aids allow most items to be picked up safely without bending down to a low level, they are much cheaper than they used to be and can be picked up online for €15 to €20.

The original, basic design has now been improved and there are a new generation of Reachers available. From a compact 8 inch size, they can extend to an impressive 34 inches.

Grabber Reaching Aids

Traditional reachers sometimes require grip strength to operate the ‘jaw’ mechanism while others uses an adhesive disk to pick up objects.

Reachers can be combined with a magnet head to pick up metal objects and can handle weights up to one pound.

They are amazingly useful and small enough to fit in a handbag so can be taken anywhere.